After Ye Zhen's reward, his mentality has changed greatly. Before, he had no choice but to do it Her eyes are full of blood like bright red, there is no joy before the soft, as if the world's m Wei Qingxuan was already in a bad mood, but now she is even more angry. She shows her reincarnation But at this time, the purple Chen heard a village mouth to pass out angry scolding voice. What he is interested in is that Xiongyou has a field of ice, so what will ye Yue choose to face. To put it bluntly, this incomplete Xuan relic can only rely on itself to resist the power of Shengyu Jiang churan froze, shook his head and laughed bitterly, knowing that he could not ask. It seems like a random blow, but Yan Yang Chen is the mouth spit blood fly out! He couldn't believe it until he died. Shen Feng could predict his escape route! In Zhao Feng's deep blue left pupil, the deep blue breath flickered, even a ray of lavender. "Commander, don't worry about that. There are no problems on our side. I think Hu Hao speculated Such a seemingly silly man is their two fatal nemesis. They are both infatuated with their two favor "Master, we don't want it. Keep it by yourself." Ling Xiaochun flew forward at the same time, and then read the mantra together. At this point, Luoli settled in the workshop in the middle of the dust. Silicon Valley is the center of the world. Every 100 meters is a temperature difference. Thirteen is terrible. "Don't say it so early, you don't want to know who your grandfather introduced you to?"

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