Comparing Servini with angkro, who only met a few days ago, Xu can't help but sigh in his heart. Ng power, began to simulate the fury of the magic model. "Yes, my king's granddaughter will be born." Liu Heshun said with a smile: "Mr. Lu, our director of China, was beaten by your citizen zhewad in t Fang Yajun then urged Du Xinghe: "you come, no matter what. First put my arm back." One after another, the sound began to ring, and then slowly disappeared, the strong breath began to However, all the powerful people will stand in front of the powerful fire stone, and now all the str Half a quarter of an hour's fighting can only be regarded as a warm-up. With the strength of Yin Is it just a short time for Yang Kai to see through his golden rainbow step? Then, the earth yellow copper block and the nine day coffin all flash at the same time and disappear Ye Chu can block each other for a moment, but he can't stop it for too long. Sooner or later, he Angus pointed to the dense forest ahead. "In this direction, you can find it by going deep. It shoul Aware of this, Yang Kai was slightly stunned. However, he quickly reflected that he had made some br "There's something left to be done." Although his body is very strong, he is not strong enough to touch a star with millions of degrees. Seeing Lei Xingfeng come back, Lei Xingyao happily put away her real body and met her. She took Lei Yu Jian returns to the mansion, Luo Li takes out his own harvest, sees unceasingly. Su Hao turned the question to something else: "tell me, where are you from?"

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